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In this educational and entertaining TV show, two young French Canadians embark on an adventure across the United States.

State by state, the road will immerse them in the American culture. We will follow them throughout their journey as they discover America by bus, car, trainand plane, living extraordinary experiences or sometimes… ordinary !

Jean-Briac Blouin



With his typical Breton name unpronounceable for the English, Jean-Briac likes to be called JB. First for simplifying the contact but also to go with his character chill and relax. JB is the French filmmaker, charmer in his spare time. His motto is to surprise and to be surprised by life. Only one word in the mouth “ living in the moment ! “. He really loves travel, the adventure, and surprises.

Sandra Sirois

From Montreal, Sandra is accustomed to big cities, but always wants to know more about the other cultures. She's adventurous and loves to entertain her audience with her “starlet” and “diva” side. Crazy about posh places and "haute cuisine" she's able to critique about what she eats and what she sees. An extrovert character, full of energy, Sandra charms the public with her love of life, her humor and her desire to discover more!


Citizen of the World, a concept of Edwige Magazine Inc., is a new 30 minute English TV show airing Thursday evenings. The show is a round table discussion of cultural fashion, international trends, music, lifestyle, and multiculturalism. It is replayed 2 times on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Six journalists and a host, representing seven different backgrounds and continents will discuss several topics:


• Maghrebin World: (Tunisia)

• African World: (Congo)

• World Antilles (Haiti)

• Asian World: (China)

• World Latino (Mexico) World North American (Quebec)


The Global Citizen program is a program on the lifestyle in big cities and on cultural activities which are not usually shown on US television Topics range fashion, music, technology, immigration, food, family and travel.

Joanne Lang

A half-hour broadcast, fashion magazine style,  showcasing local designers in their daily routine. The show takes you through all stages of design, from concept to final product, accompanied by an apprentice randomly chosen from one of the prominent fashion designing schools in Quebec.

Each show will highlight a designer from a chosen ethnic group to showcase his or her preference and views into the contribution of social suits and 
accouterments. As we follow each designer through their busy day’s schedule, we will also be asking questions about background, family, social commitment, national and international involvements. We will also be taken through all stages of design; from the raw drawings of what could be nothing more than an artistic scribble of a visualized concept, to a working blueprint ready for pattern-making. From the color and fabric selection, to the sewing machine’s rendition of the projected design. From the sample garment’s fastenings and embellishments, to the couture creation ready for marketing.

Pascale Jacobs

A person with strong Western values spends time with an immigrant family in order to better understand the lifestyle and reason for coming to Canada.  A reality show by Costa Moshopoulos, Culture Shock brings together Canadians and foreigners to try and bridge the gap and celebrate the difference.

Costa Moshopoulos


Costa is an award winning filmmaker and mental health advocate. 

He loves to plunge into every aspect of a production. Main area of expertise is Creative. Storytelling. Bringing a story together for maximum effect and entertainment through writing, directing or editing.

He has a passion for the business, with a boundless imagination. He finds inspiration from people, life, nature. Life is a canvas just waiting to be painted. He love to listen to others and see their perspective.


Content and details coming soon!

Amélie McGarrel
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