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The company exists in North America and planning to open offices in New York, Los Angeles, Paris and Dubai.
The company has already launched an app on Roku named Channel4u in 2015 which has
reachedsince 200 000 viewers in 2 years, and in 2014 Edwige tv app on Google tv.

And now the company is developing in Quebec and in LosAngeles 16 original ideas of tv shows withco producers and 20 hosts.

The subsidiary is a publishing house is called Mama Benz because in Benin country of origin of the founder, those are successful businesswomen, Mama means affirmed women and they are Mercedes Benz, prestige symbol. The magazine is named for the founder to infuse personality and also because every reader can identify with it, as is the tradition in women’s magazines that the title is a name, it gives commercial potential. The sponsor, surrounded by a team of employees and consultants, has a wide network of contacts with potential advertisers, journalists and photographers, hosts, filmmakers and communicators.



The Producer Ms Edwige Dazogbo is the founder and President of the company, is a businesswoman gifted entrepreneur and passionate by print media and tv filming, she has 15 years of experience in communications as a marketing agent and press agent , fashion as organizer of fashion shows, cultural spokeswoman of Vues d’Afrique Festival and finally the sales Director of several companies.


Ms Edwige Dazogbo has extensive experience in the field of communication (promotion and freelance media) and cultural identity as well as in project management mode. She went in University in Applied Communication, management and cinematography. With her openness to other cultures and experience in the world of fashion and the media, she developed an international network of filmmakers, journalists, advertising, actors, composers, researchers, press officers, event organizers , associations of cultural communities, artists.

This project was initiated by the president of the company Edwige Dazogbo through her experiences in the field of marketing, communication media television, cultural identity and project management in Fashion. She is surrounded by advisors, producers, marketing experts, lawyers and accountants.

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